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Our experienced International Trade experts are eager to provide technical advice in constructing the best financing scheme that is well suited for you.

We are a member of The Society for Worldwide Interbank Telecommunication (SWIFT) and the Federal Reserve's Fedwire computerized payment systems, which enables us to deliver your payments and receivables in a timely manner.

You may call us at (800) 863-8762 to know more about our International Trade Services.

Import Letter of Credit
Once Metrobank New York issues an L/C, payment to your overseas supplier is guaranteed as long as terms are complied. You may specify required documentary conditions prior to our payment to your supplier, for instance, the latest shipping date and the description of goods. Our Import L/Cs can be tailor-made to your specific needs.

Import L/Cs can either be "Sight" or "Time". Import L/C - Sight is paid upon the receipt of the documents. While Import L/C - Time is only paid until you have the merchandise in hand.

Export Letter of Credit
Our Export L/Cs minimizes the risk of non-payment when financial and geopolitical conditions arise. We ensure that an exporter will receive payment from its overseas buyer.

Our function as an advising bank is to authenticate the L/C while informing you that it has been issued. As an extra security to the L/C, you may request it to be confirmed in addition to authentication. In providing confirmation, we basically replace the creditworthiness of the foreign bank with our own. This ensures payment to the exporter as long as terms are met.

We make our L/C processing very simple. Upon shipment of your goods, you may immediately forward to us the required paperwork as specified in the L/C. It will be reviewed for any discrepancies in a timely manner, and should any occur, we will assist you in correcting them. If the L/C appears to have no discrepancy, we will immediately forward the paperwork to the issuing bank and collect for payment.

Standby Letter of Credit
Our Standby Letter of Credit works as a guarantee that requires the applicant to accomplish all obligations specified in the contract. Our standby L/C also acts as a support when you can no longer pay the agreed amount. If your buyer provides documentations for your non-performance, we will be obliged to honor the specified amount to your buyer. We offer numerous types of Standby L/Cs including Performance, Bid, Bank Guarantee, Warranty, and Advanced Payment

To inquire about our different types of Standby L/Cs, you may contact us at the number listed above.

Transferable Letter of Credit
If you are a trade facilitator, agent or a mediator, you may want consider our transferable letter of credit. A Transferable L/C has an added condition that authorizes a bank to transfer the L/C amount to various suppliers.

It provides agents with huge potential earnings when managing trade transactions between importers and exporters. Transferable L/C is customizable to any of your specific needs. Starting from application up to reimbursement, our International Trade experts will provide you with technical assistance necessary to your business needs.

Documentary Collection
Metrobank New York's Documentary collection is a straightforward trade settlement process in which the bank ensures that payments are made upon delivery of the documents. It is low-cost and more convenient compared with letters of credit. There are two types of documentary collection, each with its advantages.
  • Documents Against Payment is an instruction by an exporter that the documents attached to the draft for collection are delivered only after payment of the draft.

  • Documents Against Acceptance is an instruction by an exporter that the documents attached to the draft for collection are deliverable to the drawee only against the acceptance of the draft.

International and Domestic Wire Transfer
International and Domestic Wire Transfer are payment methods used by our clients to transfer funds to any bank account locally and anywhere in the world, excluding countries and territories sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury. Our direct connection with SWIFT and Fedwire allows our clients to send payments or receive funds in a timely manner. This payment method is also very safe and secure. You may click here to print out a copy of the application for wire transfer.

EX-IM Bank Guarantee
Metrobank New York is a designated lender of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank). Ex-Im Bank is a government agency that facilitates the exportation of products made in the U.S. through its loan guarantee and finance programs.

We assist exporters in choosing the best guarantee program to fit their specific needs. We are also permitted by our designation to expedite approvals of lines of credit, as well as its activation.

We have a series of available export finance programs that we deemed very helpful for companies new to exporting. No matter what the challenge is to your company, our team of experts will ensure that you are provided with top-class advice and service.

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